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SCM Tech 90 Super CNC Machining Centre - Router, Drilling Grooving - Excellent Condition 12790 Enquire Now
Robland KM500 Edgebander - Hot Melt - 2mm - End trim - Top & Bottom (NEW) 7995 Enquire Now
Robland SD510 20" x 10 " Planer Thicknesser (NEW) 6490 Enquire Now
Tecnolegno Compact 16 - Automatic machine capable sanding edges mouldings - As New 5995 Enquire Now
Robland NZ-3200 Panel saw - power rise, fall & tilt - 3.2m - 400mm blade (NEW) 5990 Enquire Now
Trend TTP530 Thicknesser - 530mm capacity - 7.5hp - Power rise & fall 5499 Enquire Now
Robland Z-320 Panel Saw (3200mm) - 400mm blade - 45degree tilt - etc. (NEW) 4995 Enquire Now
Robland SD410 Planer Thicknesser - 410 x 250mm - Tersa block - Power rise & fall (NEW) 4995 Enquire Now
Altendorf WA6 Sliding Table Panel saw - 2600mm sliding table - Scoring unit (NEW) 4995 Enquire Now
OTT 8' x 4' Heated Press - 2 daylight - Good working condition 4950 Enquire Now
Sedgwick TESH - 3 head tenoner c/w scribing head (NEW) 4950 Enquire Now
Robland Sigma3200 Limited Edition Sliding table panel saw - 3200mm - Scorer (NEW) 3995 Enquire Now
Wadkin DM/V Mortiser - Refurbished condition 3995 Enquire Now
Wadkin MF Chain & Chisel Morticer - Refurbished condition 3690 Enquire Now
Sedgwick MB (308x230mm) Planer Thicknesser (NEW) 3590 Enquire Now
Robland BM21 Multi-Borer - 21 spindle - 3m fence - Pnuematic clamping (NEW) 3500 Enquire Now
Brookman ADM 25 Pin Automatic Dovetailing machine - Excellent condition 3450 Enquire Now
Wadkin Vision Profile Grinder - As New condition 2995 Enquire Now
Wilson FQ Spindle Moulder - c/w manual brake & BLG8 Power feed - Good condition 2450 Enquire Now
Wadkin UR/B Overhead Router - Excellent condition 2250 Enquire Now
Elmag Dowell forming machine - creates round dowells on end of panel - Excellent condition 1995 Enquire Now
Wadkin LS Overhead router - Good condition 1990 Enquire Now
Wadkin Image 150 Profile Grinder - Ideal for spindle tooling 1990 Enquire Now
Wadkin EQ Spindle Moulder - Modern fence type - Excellent condition 1890 Enquire Now
Wadkin PK Dimension saw c/w DC brake system 1790 Enquire Now
Multico TM3 Tenoner - DC Braking - Cutterblock - Good condition 1750 Enquire Now
Wadkin 12" BAOS Planer Thicknesser - DC Brake - Good Condition 1690 Enquire Now
Dominion Hollow Chisel Morticer - Good Condition 1450 Enquire Now
Wilson Hollow Chisel Mortiser - Heavy Duty machine 1250 Enquire Now
Sedgwick 571 Morticer - Three or Single Phase (NEW) 1150 Enquire Now
Dragonair Freestanding Industrial Gas heater - Good Condition 995 Enquire Now

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We stock top branded new and used woodworking machinery and tools.


Robland manufacture top quality panel saws, spindle moulders, thicknesser planers and other classic woodworking machines.

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Established in 1906, Altendorf’s legendary table saw is a global market leader for furniture design.

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Trend Tools is the UK´s leading brand of router cutters, routing jigs and routing accessories.

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Sedgwick Woodworking Machinery is the UK’s highest volume manufacturers of classical woodworking machinery and tools.

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